NTCAHT Redesign

February 29, 2016 12:06 am

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The Problem

The redesign needed to 1) make it easy for organizations to find information on how to join 2) provide information on human trafficking and 3) give people a way to donate to the coalition.

The Solution

The whole design took into account the necessary information and organizing it in a way so that everything is accessible to users and the coalition's needs are met.

The Process

Went through the full process of wireframing, designing, gathering content and necessary web services, and developing the site via WordPress.

The Impact

For the first several months of the site's launch, coalition received mild traffic. There were roughly 50 visitors per week, but the site saw huge spikes around the same time conferences took place. I am still monitoring the site and seeking ways to drive traffic to certain pages and increase conversion (donations).

Project Details

Note: This originally appeared on my blog in the form of two posts, so there might be some weird wording I missed while updating. But remember, I’m a designer not an English teacher. English is hard.

In 2014, The North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NTCAHT) approached me about redesigning the coalition’s website. We ended up going all out and redesigning the entire organization. When I initially approached them, the idea was small and there wasn’t a whole lot of confidence. But spending intentional time with two of the leading members, we have been able to really hash out a look and feel that is engaging and prompts action from the members and clientele. Below are the latest versions of the logo and mockups of the new homepage.


The main aesthetic of the NTCAHT was decided. Black and white are used to highlight the hope among a dark industry. The blue is used to connect that hope to feelings of tranquility and purity, as well as to the logo which is representative of hope, liberation, and transformation. Many people are in love with the main image of the woman with piercing blue eyes and veiled face. There was a lot of talk about whether or not it would be misunderstood or offensive to the Muslim community, but after getting feedback I have found that it is safe to use it as the landing image since that was not the motivation behind choosing the image. We have also made a point to represent all peoples’ who are subject to human trafficking, such as men and children, and not just women.


The site was developed in WordPress, which I had short-range experience in. I took a lot of time to research and ask questions about Custom Post Types (CPT), Custom Fields, and Taxonomies so that I could set up the CMS in a user-friendly way for the clients as well as make the code architecture sensible for any future designer/developer they decide to hire. The SCSS/CSS code architecture and the site’s main JavaScript file are organized and efficient as possible, prizing speed. Learned how to do custom field integration, and Taxonomies within CPTs.

The Current Situation

Everything up to this point was written in the Q1 and Q2 of 2015. At this point, it is still a site that I monitor occasionally and make fixes. After having had it live for nearly a year, I’ve been able to look at the Google Analytics data to determine gauge what’s worked and what hasn’t. A lot of people have commented on the site and enjoy it, but there are clear parts where I didn’t follow the design language I tried to set up, and still lacks the punch that I had intended. I’m also going to focus on increasing awareness and users’ likelihood to donate to the coalition. I also plan to go back and clean up the development in places where I sort of hacked it to work or had to take an easier route until I could learn a more efficient way of getting things to work.

You can check out the site by clicking below.